Rainbow Nights

Dreams can be filled with fun and adventures! This bedtime story helps children look forward to going to sleep at night. Rainbow Nights is a delightful rhyming story with colorful art to capture the imagination of the youngest readers.

Suggested age for readers: 2-6



ISBN: 978-1-61633-000-2
8.5×8.5 inch paperback – $9.95











Rainbow Nights is a wonderful story that children will enjoy as they drift off into dreamland!  The perfect bedtime storybook for moms, dads and grandparents to read to their little ones.  Expect to hear, ‘Read it again. Read it again!’ every night.”
– Mark Smith, Creator of the iKids Play ® Apps

Sally has written a book that shows children how to ‘dream’ their life into reality.  I use Rainbow Nights in my practice to help children tell me their dream, and give them the power to know that they can shape their life in a way that NO ONE else can. The pictures will make you want to sing!!!”
– Julie D. Dinsmore, LiCSW, PLLC

In Rainbow Nights a little boy ends his day and lays his head to rest. But Dreamland awaits and “Dreamland’s like a vacation. Every night’s a celebration.”

The little boy finds there are so many things to do in dreamland– you can use your imagination to raise honey bees, plant a patch of perfect peas, ride a rocket ship, or fly to the nearest star. He finds Dreamland’s busy with swirling colors and flashing lights, tuba music and rainbow nights.

The rhyming text makes this a beautiful read-aloud for bed. Children will be excited to drift off into their own dreamland as they experience the vivid colors and wild imagination of Rainbow Nights. – Lori Calabrese, Children’s Books Examiner

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"Sally M. Harris has written beautiful books that create feelings of optimism and self confidence that children will love. As a therapist, I recommend them to my colleagues and patients.” Julie Dinsmore-Myers, CSW - Seattle, WA

"As a former special education teacher, I'm very impressed with Sally Harris and her delightful books. She has presented feelings, colors, science, and more into her books."
Chickie Hiyoshida, Sequim, WA.

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