A Rhyme for Grown-ups

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I enjoy writing for both children and adults.  Sometimes, an experience or piece of writing I’ve done for grown-ups will inspire a children’s book.  This is a poem that preceded the writing of the children’s book Rainbow Nights. I must have been having a pretty good dream the night before I wrote this poem!

Morning Bird

I was basking in the slumber
Of night’s repose
When morning bird appeared
And threatened to impose

In the shadows of a dream
His singing beckoned me
Calling me to earth
When I longed to be free

To explore and create
Beyond all space and time
In kaleidoscopic worlds
Limitless, sublime

Cease your revelry, I begged
I must prolong this night
For dawn will soon arrive
To end my dreamtime flight

For a time, I lingered
In the place where worlds combine
Which was true reality?
Both earth and dreams were mine

Then gently I returned
With the rising sun
As morning bird proclaimed
A new day had begun!

One Response to A Rhyme for Grown-ups

  • I LOVE this poem. I also enjoy your Facebook page very much and am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful writing as soon as my finances rally. Mark Alexander’s e-book listed on your site intrigued me, too. Do you know where I might get a copy in Canada? (Amazon.com directed me to Amazon.ca and they did not have a listing for it.) I am very interested in networking with other writers who focus on true spirituality (especially those in ECK) and are self publishing on the web. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and Al a little better. PS You might want to check out my Facebook page as there are photos of cats (and one wonderful doggie) that Karin and I have had, including our current calico kitty who is pictured sitting on my shoulder at 4 months (the day after we adopted her last December). Poetry is very powerful and yours is great! (I have written a lot of it, too, though have yet to publish it — something I intend to do soon.) Children’s stories can also be pure magic and yours look wonderful! All the best, and I’ll give you 5 stars! Michael. <3

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